Simonne Jones

"G R A V I T Y"

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the new single
out now


Born in Los Angeles, Simonne Jones established herself in the experimentally
charged atmosphere of Berlin. A multi-instrumentalist, Simonne creates
introspective electropop, pushing the boundaries of the genre. Her scientific
background remains a touchstone in her creative process. Simonne’s synth
infused tracks create a magnetic intersection of science and the arts, while
simultaneously grounding the listener in the human experience and launching them
into space. Lyrics present a dichotomy between fragility and fierce confidence.

If her single “Gravity” is any indication of her debut, this fusion of science and music will
continue to break new ground. Influenced by PJ Harvey, Nine Inch Nails and
Depeche Mode, her otherworldly sound ignites a sense of curiosity for the
mysteries of the universe. With her emotive depth, vocal range, and commanding
stage presence, it’s no surprise she’s been tapped as Peaches’ new protégé.


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