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Simonne Jones is one of those people who has music running through her veins. The multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer became enchanted with piano at the age of three and over time went on to learn guitar, percussion and bass before devoting herself to synthesizers and discovering music production. None of this diversity should be surprising for the artist who can also list biomedical researcher and model among her former professions.
Electronic music, pop, avant-garde, classical music and retro new wave minimalism have found their way into her sound and songs. Unorthodox arrangements and bold electronic soundscapes meet exquisite hooks and lyrics that abound with poetic poignancy and incisive metaphors – like on her latest single release “Runaways”.

On the surface, “Runaways” may seem like a love song imbued with teen angst, but in fact the atmospheric electro pop number with its driving drum beat goes much deeper.  “The lyrics were inspired by the idea of immigration and being a runaway. And by the lives of my ancestors,” explains Simonne. “To make my life possible, so many people had to come together who were runaways: a young Cherokee slave and a Caribbean slave and then a European plantation owner and a daughter from that union… It’s difficult to think about what it is like to be removed from your home and have to start over somewhere new because you are unable to return home. That rings true today with refugees.” The theme of the song that captivates its listeners with its somber beauty is as universal as it is highly topical.


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